• Resolving conflict & creating an agreement that meets the needs of both parties are my top priority.

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    • What is Mediation?
      Mediation is a conflict resolution process. With the assistance of a neutral third party, disagreeing parties systematically develop options, consider alternatives, and reach a consensual settlement to their disagreement. Learn more about the mediation process here.

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    • Why does Mediation work?
      Mediating a case before a lawsuit is filed enables the conflicting parties to present their case before any money is spent on litigation. Mediation offers the chance to avoid what could become a costly and lengthy litigation process.

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    • Is Mediation right for you?
      Mediation offers both parties a way to resolve conflict, create an agreement that will meet your needs, and help avoid the costs associated with trial. Mediation can work for anyone as long as both parties participate in good faith and with an open mind. Let Nick Buoniconti help you with your conflict resolution needs. Book your mediation today!

Turn Conflict into Resolution

Mediation Works

  • Neutral and Unbiased

    The mediator does not decide how the dispute should be resolved but instead helps the parties develop agreements that are satisfactory to all.

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  • Beyond The Impasse

    Mediation offers a way for parties to work beyond any impasse that may be barring the path to a successful settlement.

Need a Mediator?

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  • Nick Buoniconti has been a successful attorney and prominent member of the Florida legal community for over 25 years. He cares about our community and the people he serves. He has the skills and expertise you need to help settle your case. Do you want a mediator who knows your field and can make sense with the other side? Let Nick Buoniconti be a neutral and unbiased party in your path towards peaceful resolution of your civil conflict. Mediate with Nick!

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